At Virgin Atlantic, Facebook Workplace evolves into a key productivity tool

As Virgin Atlantic restarts operations following the industry-wide airline shut-down caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook’s Workplace is providing staff with the resources required as they work to get more passengers back in the skies.  

When Virgin Atlantic deployed the social network to connect its workforce four years ago,  the move was an immediate hit with employees, most of whom are in frontline roles such as its cabin crew and pilot teams. While the focus was on community building and communications, the application has increasinglybecome an information portal for the airline’s 6,000 workers, delivering access to resources such as employee learning and development information.

The resources offered include a catalogue of mandatory training courses for aircraft staff and thought leadership articles in a purpose-built area within Workplace along with nthe recently introduced Shift Cover feature frontline staff use to coordinate shift swaps. There are also plans to migrate staff rostering information from Virgin Atlantic’s intranet to Workplace.

Megan Buck, Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic

Megan Buck, channels and social manager at Virgin Atlantic.

“We’re looking at Workplace moving from a connectivity platform to a productivity tool,” said Megan Buck, channels and social manager at Virgin Atlantic. “When it first came in, it was amazing for connecting people across the business, from around the world, and creating that two-way conversation.

“The strategy that we see for Workplace going forward will be an enabling tool to let people do their jobs better.”

Changes in how Virgin Atlantic uses Workplace reflect a wider evolution among enterprise social network applications, said Raul Castanon, a senior research analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence’s 451 Research. That  trend has seen various business social tools, from Slack to Microsoft’s Teams and Viva, widen their scope and move from a predominantly top-down communication medium to become “comprehensive digital employee experience platforms” that provide access to a variety of company resources and applications.

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