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Develop intricate Windows applications with modern characteristics with the help of this pack that features over 600 components from the TMS lineup

What’s new in TMS VCL UI Pack

  • Improved : Rendering in Shape tsRectangle of TAdvToolTip
  • Improved : Performance of mousewheel zoom in TAdvStringGrid
  • Improved : InputFromCSV() overload added with TEncoding parameter in TAdvStringGrid
  • Improved : Fixed font handling with ScaleBy() when high DPI is disabled

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The development of Windows applications under Delphi or C++ Builder environments more often than not involves a plethora of aspects which although for the honed programmer’s mind might seem logical and well-structured, for beginners or intermediate users can be really cumbersome.

In an attempt to simplify the process and make things more accessible, the TMS VCL UI Pack from aims at providing a GUI-based approach to such programming undertakings. Packing over 600 components from the TMS Software lineup, it brings together the functionality of all those components, condensed into a single, centralized platform.

With the emphasis on accessibility, the UI provides a myriad of inherent features, besides the components that can be downloaded individually. Some of these tools include a grid, which has flexible printing, a dedicated navigation control panel, inplace editors, as well as diverse importing or exporting capabilities to match those.

Furthermore, support for numerous graphical formats is provided in cells, allowing users to control the image positioning, add icons, rotate text or work with multi-cell images. Last but not least, the developer offers a complete listing of all the components, neatly structured on each Delphi or C++ Builder edition, for those who seek for a particular tool or feature.

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