Download Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition 9.2.1

Manage your partitions with ease, optimize your system for SSD usage and create bootable media with this easy to use application

What’s new in Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition 9.2:

  • Added “App Mover”: Free up space on the selected partition via moving applications to another drive.

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As its name suggests, Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition aims to facilitate partition-related tasks on Windows Server computers, while also working on non-server workstations. With a clean look and intuitive options, it can help you easily perform operations that require either a professional software solution or an experienced IT consultant.

Built-in wizards for all tasks

One of the main pluses of Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition is its integrated wizards, which make each task just a matter of pressing a few ‘Next’ buttons. Of course, managing partitions and hard disk space is not a job for beginners, but wizards make it all a lot easier.

The application can extend existing partitions using the available storage space, copy entire disks or partitions, recover data from a corrupted or inaccessible drive, convert dynamic disks, change the file system type from NTFS to FAT32 and even optimize your computer’s operating system for SSD use.

Copy disks and manage partitions

Additionally, it enables you to copy disks, erase all partitions in one operation and wipe the hard drive, which really comes in handy if you plan on selling your computer.

Also, it can perform disk surface tests, which show you possible damaged sectors on your hard drive.

Another of its functions enables it to rebuild the master boot record sections, which is worth trying in situations when your computer fails to boot or if you want to add boot code to the OS.

A reliable disk space manager for Windows server

Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition is a robust partition management solution that can perform various maintenance tasks to optimize computer performance.

While it also runs on non-server computers, this edition of Aomei Partition Assistant is optimized to work with server data, allowing fast and secure disk space redistribution.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Video Guide

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