The 7 Best Video Switcher In 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are a Youtuber, social media performer or any TV host live streaming your show. Then streaming the best angle video entertains your viewers a lot as a result number of viewers on your streaming platform goes on increasing.

But getting the best shot will require multiple camera settings, and the most difficult part is selecting the best camera video you want to stream. So, what is the way forward? Your, this need is fulfilled by Video Switchers.

Having a video switcher will let you choose the best camera angle from all the multi-camera positions you have installed to stream your show.

It acts as a one-point destination which receives videos from all the cameras and then streams them on your laptop, HDMI TV. You can then select best from any one of the camera angles to live stream on your platform like Youtube, FB, Twitter etc.

In this article, we have shortlisted Top 7 Video Switchers for you to buy.

All these are easy to set up, allow you quick real-time editing, mixing and adding effects. They also support high-quality videos up to 4K HD. These switchers come with exciting Led lid backlight keyboards that makes you easily use them during the night.

Some of our brands are wireless also, that means you don’t need to mess up with wires while streaming your videos, just press the button and stream your videos. Further, with their high battery backup, they can run for up to 3hrs non-stop.

Please consider the following three factors before buying your video switcher

1. Input 

It tells how many cameras or video input devices you can connect to your switcher.

If you have a large area or gathering function to cover and stream live you need more cameras to record it and subsequently to connect them you need a high number of input ports.

Else lesser input ports will be fine for you. Here in this article, we have mentioned brands that carry up to 10input ports with them.

2. Video Quality 

It tells you what quality video you will get from your switcher. If you are professional A/V tech you should take this very seriously as your customers want the best streaming quality for them.

In this article the brands, we have mentioned here carry video quality from720p to 1080p that too in HD.

3. Power Source 

It tells how you can run your switcher. The brands we have mentioned here consists of both, battery operated as well as electricity operated both have got their pros and cons.

Battery operated gives you freedom wires and makes your switching task easier but once the battery drains you will be helpless if there is the scarcity of electricity source around you.

On the other hand, electric powered switchers do add wires misery in your life but they will not give you the trouble of getting discharged and stop functioning.

But are these only factors to consider? No this is not the case, there are multiple other factors to consider before purchasing your video switcher. You can find all of them in our easy to understand Buying Guide Go through them

So, after spending a week time in our research. We have come up with the following TOP7 Video Switchers for you to buy, go through them and select your best brand

7 Best Video Switcher In 2020

7 Best Video Switcher In 2020 Reviews

1. Sling Media Studio Hub HD Video Switcher 

Sling Media

SlingStudio is known to offer you value products with professional capabilities irrespective of your skill level. Their video switcher solution is easy to set up and gives you easy switching among camera settings.

Only of its kind, Sling studio hub gives you the freedom of connecting multiple video sources to it wirelessly. You can use it for recording, streaming, or live switching without experiencing the chaos of long confusing wires.

It is compact, lightweight, you can carry it in your bag wherever you go. It can connect to your iOS and Android mobile devices using a wi-fi connection. While it allows you to connect cameras wirelessly as well as with an HDMI cable as per your choice. It works exceptionally well within the range of 300fts.

With its console app, you can easily live switch your program from an iPad or Mac. To further ease your efforts, it allows you to record and switch your videos using voice activation or custom timed intervals.

To make your streaming interesting, you can add motion graphics, text overlays, scoreboard, Instant replay, coach and referee review, chromakey and lower-thirds.

With its special low-delay mode you can use it for teleconferencing and live stream it without needing a recording device.

Compatible with cameras of Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Blackmagic, Olympus etc. you can connect up to 10camera sources simultaneously to it and stream any four of them from it in 1080p or 720p quality.

It also offers you Post-production support if you are not streaming live. It lets you record up to 7recordings in 4K, on a single storage device like SD card, hard drive etc.

Added accessories of it enhances your experience, they include a battery that allows you to operate it for 3hrs non-stop. Its USB-C type lets you connect USB for storage and allows you wired streaming with a wired ethernet connection.

What we liked 

  • Offers wireless connection up to 300fts.
  • Connect up to 10camera devices.
  • Console app for easy switching.
  • Voice control switching commands.
  • You can operate it with your mobile using wifi.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Users find it not compatible with iOS13 and iPadOS13.

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2. Blackmagic Design ATEM Video Switcher 

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic is the company dedicated to give you quality and stability, their products focus your needs most. Worldwide famous for its unbeatable codecs. it gives you affordable high-end quality editing workstations.

Blackmagic is the only brand which designs production switchers for broadcasters and A/V professionals like you.

This production switcher allows you to do multiple things like live production, streaming episodes and web shows on platforms like TV after recording, you can also do the live coverage of any video games competitions that you are hosting.

Your Blackmagic design video switcher is an 8-input live production switcher with integrated control panel. This 8input consists of 4SDI inputs and 4HDMI inputs to facilitate every kind of input option you have.

Both types of inputs support SD and HD resolution from 720p SD to 1080p HD from any camera you have. To facilitate your switching, it shows you all the 8videos captured on a single TV screen.

It has control knobs on front panels that allow you to easily Customize labels, see audio meters, set safe area markers, and more! Connect any standard TV to it using an AUX cable and get your perfect multi-camera monitoring in any location!

It removes your worry of video quality captured by your camera, as it resets the videos to the switchers high standard and gives you high-quality video as an output on the screen. Just plug in your input and see the difference.

While switching between videos to be streamed it gives you multiple transition effects such as cut, mix, dip, and wipe patterns. You get full control over the type, pattern, length etc. of videos/effects displayed during the transition time.

Your switcher comes with advanced chroma key named as ATEM, using this you get a fairly visible screen that shows you everything of your recording clearly.

The other multiple controls that you get in your purchase includes samples of image on your display screen, you get edge control flare control, you can also change the colour of foreground in your video. All these enhance your post-production streaming.

What’s more interesting for you to note is it comes with a Fairlight audio mixer to enhance the sound quality of your video by adding multiple effects.

You can add effects like 6band parametric EQ, compressor effect, limiter effect. It also allows you to split your audio channel into dual mono. You can utilize its stereo simulator if on analog/ mic inputs along with creating audio delays.

Blackmagic also gives you a year warranty on your purchase to ensure that you don’t feel helpless if you face any breakdown of your switcher.

What we liked

  • Small chassis easy to portable.
  • Supports HDMI connections.
  • Easy to setup.
  • AUX output to for external display.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Expensive to buy.
  • A USB port is there for firmware updates, but control is missing.

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3. Roland Professional A/V V-1HD HD Video Switcher 


Roland’s Professional Video Switcher gives you 4HD inputs to connect your cameras with it. It will not be wrong to say that this is one of the best choice for you if you are searching for a portable HD video production switcher.

The best thing about this brand is it provides you with frame buffer or TBC technology using which you can easily prevent your input devices from getting genlocked together.

You get to select your working resolution easily and can carry out switching between your 4input source manually with the help of it’s provided in built controls.

To further ease your efforts, it provides you with electronic control by connecting to your desktop or any other device like an IPAD using optional software.

Your switcher also carries an audio mixer with 12channels using which you can easily embed or de-embed any audio signal from your HDMI device.

With its integrated T-fader, you can manually manipulate the speed of transitions between different camera videos, you can also use the button to control your selected transition speed.

With its analog audio input and output port, you get truly satisfying sound of your videos. Its input button gets illuminated once you connect your input source with it, so you easily get to know which source is currently running.

Your production switcher features the broadcast style Preview/Program switching to give you professional like results. Your production switcher also allows you to multi-view your all the camera videos on a single TV screen.

Don’t go on its small size, it lets you perform all the activities that post-production requires it includes picture-in-picture, green screen, and other keying effects. Further, its transform control lets you add advanced effects to your footage.

It supports your input video footage in 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. The best thing is you can easily select your broadcast system easily by utilizing its menu only.

Last but not the least it gives you the feeling of the professional switcher as your production switcher has got large back-lit buttons to let you have intuitive video switching even in low light conditions.

What we liked 

  • Small size, makes it easy to handle.
  • It provides you with electronic control using your PC or iPad.
  • Supports video footage of 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.
  • Illuminated input buttons are easy to control in low light conditions.
  • It carries 12channel audio mixer.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Electronic software needs to purchased separately.
  • It does not support DSLR cameras.
  • Customer support response is delayed.

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4. YoloLiv YoloBox Portable Studio Device 


Your Yolobox switcher connects up to 5video sources at a time. You can connect them with it using wifi, ethernet or LTE. You can also connect to internet using its RJ45(Ethernet) port or using cell service with an optional SIM card.

Working as a switcher it is capable of producing picture-in-picture templates as well as graphic layers. Its built-in encoder allows you to go for live streaming which and you can further record your stream in the .mp4 format to an optional SD card, up to 128GB in size, using its built-in SD card slot.

Your YoloLiv Yolobox video switcher supports LCD touchscreen control to let you easily switch between different videos to be broadcasted.

Its large touchscreen display shows you the streaming image along with the input streams. You also get to see control interface on the LCD display which in turn lets you switch between the video sources simply with a touch.

It also has an HDMI output that lets you display your stream on an HDMI display device. It also carries a line-level audio input with a discrete headphone audio output to let you have great sound experience.

It comes with input resolutions of 720p, 1080i, 1080p but you can stream your videos as per your need in resolutions 540p, 720p and 1080p using its H.264 codec.

It is all in one video switcher that supports Live Streaming Encoder, Switcher, Monitor, Recorder which can broadcast to 3 platforms at a time. It initially feeds your streaming to its own YOLOLIV platform, and from there automatically forwards your stream to other 3platforms simultaneously.

It runs on its internal battery that lasts up to 3hrs non-stop. You can further charge it using the USB port connection which is used for charging purpose only.

What we liked 

  • Carries SD card slot to let you record your streaming.
  • Built-in LCD screen to let you control it easily.
  • Broadcasts live streaming to 3platform simultaneously.
  • You can also see your output on an external HDMI device.
  • Battery-powered with the backup of 3hrs.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Initially requires an internet connection to start recording offline.
  • It doesn’t support the Olympus brand camera.

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5. Cerevo LiveWedge All-in-One Video Switcher 


Your Cerevo LiveWedge HDMI switcher comes with 4HDMI input ports to let you connect 4camera sources to it. It allows you to composite and mix videos, record your broadcasts, and Livestream your videos on YouTube or upstream directly.

It also has a built-in LCD menu interface screen that shows you the preview of all the videos recorded by your cameras. It also shows you top left to bottom left items that are network connectivity, frame rate, network speed and live streaming time.

Your switcher brand features an integrated jog wheel and control buttons that let you easily control your unit and carry out editing and streaming operations.

But you can also control it using your smartphone by downloading its Livewedge app. It includes adding effects like cut, mix, Wipe Transitions, PinP (Picture in Picture), DIP, Fade-to-black, and composite Chroma Key effects to your streaming videos easily.

It comes with an in-built SD card slot that lets you record your 720/30p video sessions into an SD card. However, you won’t be able to use card recording and tablet preview simultaneously.

With its RJ-45 port at back, you can easily connect your switcher to the internet. However, your switcher also supports 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi router to let you connect to the internet, except for IEEE 802.11 ac.

This internet connectivity feature lets you quickly output your video over an HDMI display and stream it on various online platforms simultaneously.

You can use it as a switcher, mixer, and streaming encoder. Your switcher also features separate previews and programs for HDMI output display device that support NTSC, PAL, and HD video.

You will have an easy time adding post-production or live streaming effects to your videos once you buy this switcher

What we liked 

  • Low price than other brands mentioned above.
  • Built-in LCD display that gives menu interface also.
  • Supports HDMI output display.
  • You can also control it from your phone with its Livewedge app.
  • Works as video mixer also.
  • Supports internet via wifi and ethernet connectivity both.

What we didn’t liked 

  • It is not HDCP compliant.
  • Display becomes too dim to view after some time.

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6. Magnadyne VCS-10 5 input 3 Output Video Switcher 


Extremely low in cost, Magnadyne is the best video switcher brand we have got for you in our list. You get 5input ports to connect to your devices like laptop, cameras, PlayStation and stream them on 3output displays at a time.

But its low cost is compensated on the fact that it doesn’t support live streaming of your videos on online platforms, nor you can do editing of the videos captured.

It simply picks your videos from different cameras or devices you have connected to it and displays them on an HDMI HDTV’s based on your choice. But interesting to note is its high noise isolation low insertion feature that only gives you crystal clear HD sound quality without any interference.

It also supports cable antenna and cable tv as inputs and supports one extra output in form of DVD. With its easy to press buttons, you are just a push away from streaming your best video on your TV display. The pushbuttons also let you carry various other functions.

Enclosed in a plastic cabinet it has got a durable design and attractive look. It also weighs very less that means you can take it with you to your friend’s house simply in a bag and enjoy the party session without any disturbance.

So, if you are a person who just wants to enjoy the streaming of videos and games for himself only in HD quality without going online, then it is the perfect buy for you.

What we liked 

  • Low price.
  • 5inputs and 3outputs let you have maximum enjoyment.
  • Low noise interference gives HD sound quality.
  • Easy to operate using push buttons.
  • Plastic design makes it less weight.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Not supports online streaming on online platforms.

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7. Ferissa 4×2 HDMI Matrix Switch,4 in 2 Out Matrix HDMI Video Switcher 


FERISSA brand is another video switcher and splitter HDMI device in our list. It carries 4 input ports and streams your video on 2HDTV’s with 2output ports.

You will not love the fact that this device is obsolete when it comes to technology as it is only 1.4version HDMI. It gives only 3.4gbps data speed to you. Also, it cannot stream your videos online on any platform.

Wait! don’t get dishearten, its cons part has ended and I promise you will love reading to its pros part. Keep reading further to build your confidence to buy this.

It gives you 4K ultra HD streaming which you would have not find in any of other brands above. You will enjoy every single moment of the games/movies that you are playing on your HDMI TV.

To give you an amazing audio experience your switcher supports EDID management and LPCM/Dolby/DTS5.1 channel so that you can have home theatre like experience.

If you don’t want to disturb other members of your family you can utilize its 3.5mm audio jack to help you listen via earphone or headphone.

If you are too cautious of your data from getting copied then you will love to know that this switcher is HDCP 1.4 compliant which encrypts your data during transmission.

To further ease you in controlling your switcher, Ferrisa provides you with an IR remote that helps you in switching your streaming from one input streaming device to other from the comforts of your sofa sets.

What everybody else loves most about this brand is FERRISA gives you a year warranty to help you out in any case if your switcher faces any glitch. To sum-up we will say that this switcher will prove to be the boon for you in your school and office video streaming tasks.

Don’t forget what you are getting is at much lower price than all other brands we mentioned above.

What we liked 

  • Low price.
  • 4input port with 2 output port.
  • 1year warranty.
  • 4K Ultra HD streaming.
  • Earphone jack to listen using earphones.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Obsolete HDMI Version 1.4.
  • Only 3.4 GBPS transfer rate.
  • Online streaming not supported.

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How To Select Best Video Switcher?

Based on our needs we decide how much to spend and on which brand to spend. But the latter part which is deciding on which brand to spend is the most difficult task for any one of us.

We have tried to remove your this confusion, in the above product descriptions. But I know still many of you are not aware of what you really need to have in your purchase.

Hence, we have created the following buying guide for you to consider what to look for when buying an HD video switcher. Just go through them and select your best switcher.

1. Input 

This is the most important factor you need to keep in your mind while buying your video switcher. It decides how much video input sources you can connect to your switcher.

You should be clear in your mind how much cameras you are going to install for your streaming. If it is a small scale production 2 to 3 inputs are more than enough for you. However, if it is a large gathering then you need to consider more inputs in your switcher.

Slingstudio is the brand which takes care of your large production needs as it carries 10input connections with it. But going for extra input ports will definitely increase the cost of your switcher.

You should also focus that what type of input connection your brand is providing it to you. It can be in the form SDI, HDMI cable or wireless. It’s up to you what you want for yourself.

But SDI connections are most preferred over wireless and HDMI because of its efficient performance in low.

On the other HDMI connections provide the best performance when used with computers, but not necessarily with other devices.

And wireless connections don’t require wires at all so there is no signal loss and you get maximum performance with them but the limitation is they work under the defined range so you need to have your video sources inside this range only else it will not stream.

So, our advice for you will be to go after the brand which can provide all three connections in a single switcher else SDI is best.

In this article, we have got all the three types of input connections for you, based on your money spending ability you can buy any of them for our list.

Additionally, if you have mixed connection types and format resolutions, it’s worth looking at purchasing a scaling switcher. They take all your connections and process them into standard output.

Switchers with scaling engines, however, are typically more expensive and have latency issues. Using just HD signals(or just one kind of signal in general) can help you eliminate the need for a scaling switcher.

2. Video Quality 

Next in the list of factors to consider is video quality. It is nonetheless than Input factor. It decides what quality of video you will be streaming.

It becomes even more important if you are a professional streamer who charges its client for their live video streaming work.

However, if you are buying it for your personal project and in-house work, video quality doesn’t matter as much but it should be clear enough to let you see the details of your camera work.

In this article, we have listed the brands that offer high video qualities as high up to 1080p. But they also support 720p and 1080i streaming. So based on your choice you can select the one.

But you should be watchful of few things one of that is HD is not HD, this is not the case every time. You should always seek user reviews to know the reality of your brand and then plan to buy it.

The latency issue is also the factor that directly affects the video quality the more.

3. Outputs 

Output in video switcher is related to the video you get after it is edited and processed by your switcher. Thus, you should focus on if your switcher is capable of giving you preview output of your video input so that you can decide what editing you need to do in that before streaming online.

Nearly all switchers give you a preview of the output of your video the difference lies in whether they support multi preview of all your cameras on a single screen.

Our advice for you will be to go for the brand that is capable of giving you multi preview output on a single screen so you can easily decide which angle you want to stream.

Focusing on Output factor is also important as you get to know on how many platforms you can stream your videos live simultaneously.

4. Effects 

Effects are nothing but the things that you add to your video before streaming your video online. It is one of the major considerations to keep in mind if you are an AV tech or a musician.

But more the effects creating ability your switcher carries more will be its cost. So, if you really want to add effect in your videos then only try to buy such a switcher else normal switcher will be fine for you.

5. Is it having an LCD screen

It means what sort of technological features your switcher carries it with it.

You should check if your switcher has LCD screen inbuilt to it as it allows you to multi-preview your videos directly on your switcher you don’t need to connect it to an external TV.

You should also check if the LCD screen is touch screen or not, it allows you to directly switch, add effects and access other controls directly from the screen of your switcher.

So always go for the switcher that carries LCD screen but it will add to its cost.

6. Type of Controls

Video switchers come with technologies that let you easily control them. Some brands have their apps which you can download in your phone and directly control your switcher using your smartphone.

Some of them provide you with additional software that lets you electronically control your switcher using your computer or laptop or iPad etc.

The more advanced versions come with voice control just speak and get your done. But the most common is all of them have buttons on them to let you switch add effects and access other controls of your switcher.

So, our advice to you will be to buy the one that comes with all the types of controls, but the price of that brand will be very high. Else button control is always fine.

7. Lightning Buttons 

Yes, you guessed it right it means that buttons on the control panel carry light on them.

This lightning helps you in two ways, first, it tells you which input source it is streaming at that time. Second, it helps you easily control, your switcher device in the dark night when it is too difficult for you to see the control buttons.

8. Price 

If you don’t spend much then considering the price becomes extremely important. Our advice for you will be to not look for one with high-end effects and advanced controls as these features tend to increase the price.

On the basis of above factors that we told you, eliminate the features that you don’t need in your switcher and you will still end up getting the switcher you want for yourself.

However, the brands we have mentioned here are best in their price range. You may end up buying the wrong brands for you if you think that you will find low price switchers best than the ones we have mentioned here.

9. Durability 

Video switchers are something which you will find very expensive to buy. So, I am sure you don’t want to buy them frequently. But if they are made of low-quality material, they won’t last long and unfortunately, you will have to spend your money again on buying them.

Thus, before going out to buy your video switcher always have a reading of user reviews of that brand and see if it has got positive reviews on durability then only initiate your purchase.

Luckily, we have done this work for you and all the brands we have mentioned here are durable in nature. But for your satisfaction you can have a check again it will help you invest your money in a reputed brand.


I am sure after going through this article you must have found your Video switcher to ease your video switching efforts. All the brands we have mentioned here are tested and rank high when it comes to user satisfaction.

But our personal recommendation for you to buy is Sling Media Studio Hub – HD Video Switcher. This brand comes with wireless connectivity and the best thing is it is battery powered. Hence it eliminates the chaos of wires in your life.

It can connect up to 10cameras to it at a time, further, it is small in size and can be carried in your bag. At no point, you will feel regret after buying this trusted and durable Video switcher. Have a happy switching.

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