Tiny white LED chip boasts high brightness

The CSL1104WB white LED chip from Rohm achieves high luminous intensity of 2.0 cd in an ultra-compact 1.6×0.8-mm package. It delivers the same luminous intensity as current mainstream LEDs housed in 3.5×2.8-mm PLCCs, yet reduces mounting area by 87%.

photo of the CSL1104WB white LED chip

Optimized for applications requiring bright white light emission, the CSL1104WB can be used in IoT devices, drones, and battery-operated equipment. The LED offers fine-grained, accurate white color chromaticity. Achieving color uniformity simplifies the process of color adjustment and reduces the amount of man-hours required for application development.

Rohm reports that qualification of the CSL1104WB white LED chip under the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q102 specifically developed for optical devices is planned. This will enable LED use in industrial equipment and automotive applications that are exposed to harsh environments. The CSL1104WB white LED is available from online distributors Digi-Key, Arrow, Mouser, and Farnell.

CSL1104WB product page

Rohm Semiconductor

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