WWDC 2021: It’s all about the chips

No matter which way you slice it, WWDC 2021 will be all about the chips — the power, the potential, and the opportunity. Everything else the company talks about at its developer event depends on these processors.

Developers, developers, developers

Apple will be speaking chiefly to developers at the event. It will want to reassure them that it is listening to the criticisms muttered by some during the recent Epic trial. It will want to find ways to keep them motivated, and I would not be surprised to see tweaks to the company’s payments structure as it seeks compromises that may both please developers and stave off regulatory scrutiny.

The company will want to discuss its software, too.

After all, most of its devices now run on some variant of the same OS X root, and on Apple Silicon chips, so it has never had a better opportunity to unify its platforms while celebrating their unique abilities. We anticipate news for iPadOS, for example.

But even incredible stories fade to grey when compared to the significance of Apple’s adventures in silicon. Apple’s industry leading mobile processors have replicated their success on Macs, and it looks likely the company intends taking these designs up another notch at WWDC as it sets the scene for new pro-level products and drives inexorably to 3nm chips.

Making it with Macs

If it’s true Apple intends to roll out a new chip inside a new MacBook Pro at WWDC, its high-fashion catwalk video shot is likely even now taking place in a secret room in Cupertino.

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