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Explore directories and subsequent files much easier with this finder app that offers context-menu integration for advanced searches in various formats

File searching can be a tedious task, especially with the multitude of available formats. Staying organized is one way to counteract clutter when it comes to file or folder collections and as diligent as one might be with such techniques, there still are times when finding a particular file is a gruesome task. FindInFiles will help “alleviate the symptoms” of such headaches, by providing users with the means to conduct thorough file searches, with several tools to hone search criteria.

A minimalist interface that carries all the required tools for performing file searches

A simple input field allows one to add the preferred text-string as a search basis and several options allow for a more refined experience. For instance, a multitude of formats are available as pre-defined search criteria; however, it could have been beneficial for each individual format to be selectable in checkbox style.

Case, as well as wording matches, are available and in order to initialize the search process, one needs to drag-and-drop the respective directory onto the interface. This is both good and bad; good since it increases handling efficiency and potentially bad because some might prefer classic directory navigation.

Context-menu integration helps make searches more efficient and comfortable

Almost as an attempt to “make-up” for the unusual directory input method the developer also added a highly useful context-menu integration for the app. This will allow users to perform searches in any folder, by simply right-clicking it and selecting the appropriate option.

All the results which correspond to users’ input strings will be highlighted in the interface, but no sorting options for a more logical view are provided.

Decent file searching utilitary that can help you save time when looking for that specific file

Considering its minimalist nature and easy-to-use features, FindInFiles could be a good choice for those who require a basic file searching app. However, if more in-depth searches are required, alternative software could be of interest.

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