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Restore old photos of family and friends by removing scratches, stains and other defects that appear over time using this application

If you have old family photos that suffered from the passage of time, then chances are that you are looking for a way to save them those faded, ripped or stained heirlooms. While old photos restoration is a rather complicated process, PhotoGlory is an advanced tool that can lend a hand with reviving your family archives.

Cleans the time imprints and allows you to colorize the pictures

The application comes with a modern interface that dedicates most of its space to viewing the actual picture. You can access the restoration tools from either the upper menus or from the right panel, where you also have access to considerably more features.

As you probably hinted, you first need to make a digital version of the photo you want to restore and then open it within the app to correct it. With a simple click of a button, you can easily remove stains, creases, scratches and other defects. Moreover, you can get a new image from its negative.

The application provides a very detailed guide on how to restore pictures, so if you did not do this before, you can take the time and follow the instructions provided.

Works with ripped images and can restore washed out photos

You will be happy to learn that the program also allows you to restore photos that are ripped or torn. From the Retouch menu, you can use the Patch function to remove major defects, fix small blemishes, remove unwanted objects – such as stains, for instance – or adjust parts of the image. At the same time, you can revive washed up as well as black and white photos manually via the Coring function from the same menu.

All in all, PhotoGlory is a tool that provides a simple way to restore old photos that evoke memories of all those wonderful times spent with your friends and family.

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