A sanity-saving typing trick for Gboard on Android

I love me some Gboard. Google’s virtual keyboard is fast, accurate, and filled with genuinely useful features for hassle-free tappin’ and swipin’ from virtually any Android phone.

But, well, let’s face it: Everyone’s typing needs are a little bit different. Some of us use tildes with abandon, while others hunt for that blasted buried percent symbol almost embarrassingly often. And don’t even get me started on my beloved em dash and how hard it is to pull up whilst pressing your appendages onto your mobile apparatus. (You know the symbol I mean — right?)

Try as it might, there’s just no way Gboard can be everything for everyone. The keyboard is understandably designed to put the most common characters front and center, but for us freaks who feel a frequent need to insert brackets into our mobile musings (a habit that, as I like to put it, is “pretentious but [also] pleasurable”), the symbols we need are often multiple steps away and just slightly too tough to track down.

Well, my fellow quirky-character-lovin’ weirdo, lemme tell ya: It doesn’t have to be so hard. You’d never know it, but Gboard has a super-smart system for making any character — or word or phrase, even — readily available on demand, anytime you need it. Once you set it up to handle the stuff you need, you’ll never have to hunt around or waste another second searching for or pecking out whatever you require.

In fact, Gboard actually has two spectacular systems for taking care of your custom text needs, and no matter what kind of freakish things you like to type on your Android device (an equals sign? The cent symbol? The trademark superscript?! You maniac!), it can keep your favorite expressions on hand and easy to summon anytime.

So grab your metaphorical wizard wand, go install Gboard, if you haven’t already, and let’s grant your phone a highly personalized Android typing upgrade.

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