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Keep order and stay organized with your documents and files thanks to the help of this capable repository manager that offers increased customization

There are some who struggle with maintaining an organized collection or repository of files, regardless if those are documents, images or other file formats. Keepmark, as its name suggests, will help users gather all their data into repositories and manage them without problems by resorting to its impressive collection of file management tools.

Create repositories and inboxes where you can nest your documents

It’s no secret that keeping order within documents and files is crucial if one wishes to attain efficient file handling, regardless if this is carried out for professional or personal purposes. This application, although overly-complex at first sight, does offer the means for smooth and straightforward file management.

Users can easily define repositories for their documents, add inboxes on both local or remote addresses and connect folders to their requirements.

Email synchronization and on-demand indexing for effective operation

For increased flexibility, the app offers email synchronization, providing users with an accessible way to link their email content with the app and benefit from a centralized view of all their documents. This enables one to perform comparison or to update much more relaxed.

Besides the automated, scheduled updating of the repositories, users can also perform the action manually, re-synchronizing the linked folders whenever they deem necessary. Tasks are also supported, enabling users the change to start, end and save tasks in the dedicated menu.

Valuable software solution for improving file management and keeping things in order

If linking all the documents and files in a centralized manner that is both accessible and organized is the required task than people can surely rely on the impressive features provided by this software solution. It will enable excellent document and file management through the means of repository creation, linking and synchronization. Support for email completes the package, enabling users to have all their data in a single, comprehensive view.

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