3 good ways to validate APIs

Here’s a situation I am certain many software developers have faced when building or enhancing a new application.

The product owner defines an epic and several features requiring integrations with a new SaaS application. She’s made several assumptions about what capabilities the SaaS platform exposes in their APIs and has baked these into workflow and front-end application requirements. She expects the agile development team to complete a spike, ideally in one sprint, to validate these assumptions.

The question is, how easy is it for the development team to perform this investigation and ideally implement proofs of concept that validate assumptions?

Keep in mind that these validations must go beyond reviewing the endpoints on what transactions and views they expose. They should also check data quality, consider performance, and ultimately determine what development work is needed to fulfill requirements using the available APIs. Developers should also review the authorizations required and other security considerations as part of this evaluation.  

Can you perform this challenge in a sprint, ideally without writing too much code?

Since integrating with APIs is a common application and data integration requirement, development teams should consider using tools to help review capabilities and test assumptions. Organizations that integrate with many SaaS, enterprise, and other third-party tools should also consider integration platforms that can speed up development, provide robust integration capabilities, and also perform operational functions around the integrations.

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