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Convert XLS and XLSX worksheets to PDF, even if they are password-protected, using this straightforward and reliable application

If you’re trying to convert Excel XLS spreadsheets to PDF and can’t find an application to do that effortlessly, it’s probably the time to have a look at Batch XLS To PDF Converter.

The name says it all: this is a program that can convert XLS files to PDF documents and you shall discover how easy to use it actually is from the very first try.

The plain and simple GUI is the first sign that you’re dealing with a user-friendly app, while the reduced number of options proves that Batch XLS To PDF Converter is more aimed at rookies.

Batch conversion is of course integrated too, so you can convert multiple files at the same time by simply providing the path to the folder holding all items. There are no configuration options concerning the output file and while this could be a good thing for the overall time spent with the app, experienced users are very likely to be disappointed.

Capable of working with both XLS and XLSX Excel files, Batch XLS To PDF Converter doesn’t require more than average computer skills, but a help section is however available to lend you a hand just in case you need it.

But what makes it special is the conversion engine that’s fast and reliable and doesn’t affect the overall system stability in any way. Batch XLS To PDF Converter works flawlessly on all Windows versions released so far and administrator privileges aren’t required on Windows 7 workstations.

In the end, Batch XLS To PDF Converter proves to be a decent app designed for every rookie who wants to convert Excel files to PDF documents in a second.

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