Innodisk supporting new AI-powered revolution through tailor-made solutions

Johnny Wu, Senior Manager of Intelligent Peripheral Applications 



The implementation of Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) technology has accelerated the use IoT, cloud computing, and big data. It not only brings the latest in technology to the forefront of healthcare, agriculture, surveillance, etc., but also comes with unique challenges on different applications.

For example, “Smart healthcare“: Not only must the solution deliver excellent performance, but it also needs to meet the non-negotiable requirements for stability and longevity in the healthcare industry. Innodisk has worked with a leading medical equipment manufacturer in the project of unique operating room (OR) solutions to help integrate video feeds and critical data in a single intuitive platform that improves OR productivity, safety, and workflows.

To deliver all this functionality, the system required high-performance and high quality flash storage and DRAM modules – such steep demands led the client to reaching out to Innodisk.

Innodisk worked together with a leading European healthcare solutions provider in making their innovative and futuristic operating room solution possible.

Surveillance is also one crutial application expanding its AIoT capability. While theft and assaults occur regularly on trains, to better ensure public safety, an Australian national IT company partnered with Innodisk for high-performance storage and memory that fulfilled AIoT surveillance requirements. Authorities have installed DVR systems with IP cameras to monitor carriages and activity. These reliable AIoT enabled devices require storage and fast memory to capture video streams and analytics without hindrance to speed and data capture. Innodisk’s flash storage with firmware optimization RECLineTM, and DRAM solution ensured all cameras were able to produce stable video data feeds and steady video analytics to the installed DVR system.

An Australian national IT company partnered with Innodisk for high-performance storage and memory that fulfilled AIoT surveillance requirements.

Through Innodisk’s comprehensive embedded storage and peripheral solutions, our client is able to meet different requirements. Not only did this fulfill the AI applications in a difficult IoT environment, it also solved the IoT hurdles for our clients.

Another case is the combination of agriculture and technology by means of modern IoT solutions, with the goal of overhauling traditional farming using modern operation methods. Controlling agricultural production by applying sensors and software on mobile platforms or computer platforms allows for traditional agriculture to be more “intelligent”.

During a technical exchange between Innodisk and a long-term partner, we soon realized that Innodisk can provide services that will expand the capacity of existing equipment and meet the needs of future function development, thus expanding the possibility of future applications.

This product from the industrial tablet computer manufacturer is mainly used in automatic pilot systems for farm cultivation. It offers a whole variety of functions, such as identifying obstacles, sending alarms, and evasion capabilities, thereby safely and accurately achieving high efficiency in agricultural work through environmental perception and precise driving. Aside from meeting the above-mentioned technical requirements, the solution provided by the Innodisk product also allows for simultaneous monitoring and tracking of the working conditions of all farm machinery as well as vehicle control.

Long-term supply also means that manufacturers do not have to worry about shortage of parts in the later stages of the product lifespan. Innodisk has a team of firmware experts and a wide range of product specifications and connectivity interfaces that can be tailored to meet any onboard application need.

We believe that through great cooperation, Innodisk can aid clients in overcoming all challenges. By maintaining efficient communication, we ensure that the tailored solution will be suitable for your application, from initial stages of communication to the final execution. We will continue to devote to innovative hardware, firmware, and software integration.

Innodisk provided an CANbus EMUC-B202-W1 solution to farm cultivators in China. The EP expansion cards are often used in transportation, as well as communication and diagnostics between factory automation equipment.

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