Jamf updates target enterprise iPad and iPhone sharing

Answering a genuine enterprise need, Jamf has launched a preview of cloud-based software that should make it easier to share iOS devices, such as iPads, within teams.

Making iPad and iPhone sharing better

This is a long-needed solution for many businesses, as existing tools to share iPads are imperfect and require constant logins to the device and applications. While Apple has made it somewhat easier to share iPads in work and school environments, it’s fair to say the solution isn’t quite yet seamless.

The company is working to respond to this need with a new Single Login workflow supported by Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset (themselves launched in 2018). The workflow appears to be yet another enhancement made available by the company’s recently announced support for Microsoft Azure.

Bringing partnerships together

Apple’s Enterprise and Education Product Manager, Jeremy Butcher, last year hinted at improvements to ID management on Apple devices when he described user enrollment as a balancing act between effective security protection and enterprise management. To illustrate the point, he ended his talk with a demonstration of Azure being used to set up an iPhone for secure business use.

A few months later and Azure is helping Jamf deliver a solution that balances device security with real-world enterprise needs. It does so by letting a user’s cloud ID credentials be used to instantly provision and reprovision an iOS or iPadOS device. The great advantage is that it relies on a single sign-on and doesn’t require the IT department to actually handle the device — it’s all managed from a console-based system.

How is this useful?

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