Junkosha to Launch Metrology Grade Microwave/mmWave VNA Test Cable Assembly at IMS 2021

Deployed cable assemblies in a test environment are often used alongside Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) to complement the accuracy of component characterization or system functionality. Accuracy and reliability are crucial in any microwave/mmWave test setting, and particularly so for metrology environments. Junkosha’s new microwave/mmWave VNA test cable assembly has been designed to achieve the highest-quality metrology grade VNA test cable for those requiring optimum precision.

Offering a calibration level standard bench test, the new cable is manufactured with Junkosha’s precision engineered expanded-PTFE tape wrapping technology, exhibiting excellent phase and amplitude stability in flexure alongside strong phase stability in temperature. The 50 GHz version of the new microwave/mmWave VNA test cable assembly is now available, and Junkosha will be showcasing the product at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Atlanta next month, alongside their service options and the first view of their new brand in action.

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