Best mesh wi-fi systems for 2021: Mesh wi-fi routers and points

The best mesh routers can fill your home with strong Wi-FI, no matter how big it is, or how many floors or brick walls you may have to deal with. A mesh router is the best option for fixing weak and missing signal in large homes, with multiple devices creating a single Wi-Fi network that blankets a home in strong signal. They handle all the farthest rooms and corners with ease, and can provide coverage to different floors of multi-story homes.

Even a basic mesh system can give you whole-home coverage and superb, seamless Wi-Fi performance everywhere in the house. And that includes your backyard and garage. We’ve tested more than a dozen mesh routers, from wireless-AC models to the best Wi-Fi 6 mesh kits, evaluating the performance and usability of each one to help you find the best mesh Wi-Fi kit for your home.

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