Sivers Semiconductors Customer Announces Availability of its Fixed Wireless Access Product

8devices, a Lithuanian high-tech company that develops wireless broadband access products has passed a key milestone in their development of a new 60 GHz Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) product. 8devices now has working prototypes of the FWA product and has got positive feedback from customers. Sivers Wireless had signed a supply agreement with 8devices with an estimated value of 70 – 100 MSEK ($8.4-12 Million USD) over the period 2021 – 2024. With the very positive feedback from end customers, 8devices now estimate their need from Sivers Semiconductors to be increased by approx. 30-50%.

Anders Storm, Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors said that it is amazing to see how fast 8devices has taken on their technology and integrated it together with Renesas’ modem into a full performing product ready for the field trials. They signed the agreement with 8devices in December last year and less than five months later they have products ready. That is an exceptionally quick turnaround for such complex products. In addition to that, 8devices has been able to make a very compact module with excellent performance. This can be a game changer for the Fixed Wireless access market.

Jonas Sabaliauskas, CEO of 8devices stated that it has been great to work with Sivers on the project. They have not seen a system work this well at 60 GHz with a seamless set-up. He further added that Sivers products and support have been great and made it easy for them to develop their product. They are confident that their new 60 GHz product has the best performance in the market and are looking forward to customer deployments starting this summer.

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