The best 65-inch TVs for 2021

The best 65-inch TVs offer big screen enjoyment for all of your TV shows, movies and games, but it all looks better on a better TV. But finding the right TV can be tough. You want something that offers great detail and color, good audio quality and handy smart features. You also want something that’s affordable, but doesn’t skimp on the latest technology. When a 65-inch TV is the right fit, all of these factors matter even more, because that big screen will take a prominent place in your living room or home theater.

You’ll want to decide up front whether you’re planning to use the included stand or mount the TV on the wall. According to our guide What size TV should you buy?, you’ll get the best viewing experience seated 60 inches (5 feet) from a 65-inch 4K screen, so make sure that you have adequate space for your big screen, and plan accordingly. You’ll need adequate space for the width of the TV (roughly 4.5 feet across).

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