WWDC 2021: What we think we know about an M1X MacBook Pro

Will they, or won’t they? Business-class Apple users are waiting with bated breath in hopes the company will introduce a new breed of Macbook Pros based on M-series processors at Apple’s online WWDC event next week.

Why it makes sense

Apple only unveiled its plans to put its own processors inside Macs at WWDC 2020. One year later and you’ll find these chips inside the MacBook Air, Mac mini, the all-new and colorful iMac, and the 13-in.  MacBook Pro. This leaves just two Mac models without an M-series chip: The Mac Pro and the larger 16-in. MacBook Pro. (There are expectations Apple will add a 14-in. MacBook Pro to the line-up, too.)

Even the iPad Pro now has an Apple chip, which means the company is running ahead of its originally advised two-year transition schedule — just in time for its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Of course, Apple wants to tell developers more concerning the migration. It makes sense for it to introduce a new pro product for that pro audience to reinforce that message.

Towards a new language of silicon

Be warned, as of now there is speculation the new Macs might not be available immediately. That’s no bad thing; Apple could quite easily use an early public appearance as a way to evangelize its chip design achievements, particularly if it is already preparing to introduce a second-generation M-series processor. That chip is most likely to be called the M1X, as it’s an iterative evolution of the design.

What to expect from the chip?

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