Download Advanced Data Generator for Firebird 4.0.4

A modern-looking application that allows generating test data for different database sources, view and customize queries, and much more

What’s new in Advanced Data Generator for Firebird 4.0:

  • New User Interface Features:
  • HiDPI aware: tested with scaled fonts and includes a set of large toolbar images and object icons
  • Larger toolbar icons for increased usability

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Advanced Data Generator for Firebird is a powerful tool to generate so-called “test data” in the databases for your applications. It includes a library of real-life-like data and has several features that make the test data as real as possible.

With the help of Advanced Data Generator for Firebird you have the possibility to generate sensitive data and test different situations.

You can connect to any Firebird datasource, making the Advanced Data Generator a very generic tool for all database engines.

Limitations in the unregistered version

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