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A simple and straightforward utility designed for Final Fantasy XIV that enables players to keep the double weaving on high latency always on

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  • Chinese release:
  • If you’re using the Chinese client of the game, you’ll have to find out the correct opcodes, following the instructions at README. If possible, share your findings by making an Issue so that other people can just copy and paste from your findings:

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NOTE: Because of how it works, this addon is only a step away from flat out cheating. Changing parameters below the limit means you’re effectively claiming that your latency is below zero, which is just impossible. Do NOT modify numeric parameters outside of opcodes, or you ARE cheating. You have been warned.

As with other MMORPG, Final Fantasy players who want to seriously improve their end-game play style usually have a major impediment related to the global cooldown. Simply put, no matter how fast or skilled they are, they are unable to use abilities once the global cooldown is turning. One way to go around this is to enable double weaving, an option that allows players to just two abilities during a single global cooldown.

XivAlexander is a tool designed to keep the double weaving on high latency always on, so that players can use more actions in a single GCD. In raiding or PVE, this can transform into a higher DPS output, whereas for PVP, it can make the difference between win and loss. The idea here is to provide some help for players who access the game from high latency networks.

The application is designed for Final Fantasy XIV and it goes without saying that it needs to be installed and running before opening the tool. Once the utility is turned on, players simply need to follow the instructions provided.

In the eventuality that the app does not load at all, then it is recommended that the app is run as Admin.It is important to note that the tool employs DLL injection and hence, there is a possibility that the antivirus flags the add-on.

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