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A printing utility designed to help users design their own checks with custom images, personalized information, and blank mode option

Checks are a non-cash method of making payments. Although electronic payments have replaced this system, some countries still utilize them. Check Print’R is a software application that saves you the trouble of going to the bank and ordering paper checks.

A reliable application with a tablet mode

The software is simple to install, with minimal system requirements. You will have little options during that process. You can utilize the application on operating systems newer than Windows 7. An interesting feature is that the app comes with a tablet mode, designed for laptops with detachable keyboards.

The interface is intuitive and pleasing to the eye, without losing practicality in the process. You can edit the appearance of the check by adding you personal information, custom backgrounds, and images, as well as an account number.

Create personalized bank checks for personal use

The purpose of the software is to design and print cheques with your credentials. You can add various other elements, such as images, digital signature or writing the details of the beneficiary directly. There are multiple check standards, such as VersaCheck 1000, 1002, 3000 and  Personal Wallet Size 3001.

You can also maintain a registry in which you can add deposits or payments and keep a record of your expenditures. The software prints the account credentials in MICR characters that are exactly as those from pre-printed checks.

The application allows you to set up multiple accounts and switch between them with ease. There is also an active history feature which stores all the issued checks.

Your very own cheque maker from the comfort of your computer

In conclusion, Check Print’R is a useful utility for users that still prefer this type of payment. It is reliable enough to be deployed in a business environment as it can handle multiple accounts and it can design several formats. You can also print blank checks and write the details later.

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