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Take your Chia farming to the next level, with this specialized tool that allows you to monitor and analyze the plotting log files

What’s new in Chia Plot Status 0.11.2:

  • Fixed:
  • Sorting by buffer did not work in statistics view

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The cryptocurrency phenomenon these days has taken a quite significant leap in both availability and diversity and staying up-to-date with the latest iterations and techniques, the so-called “mining” or “farming”, can be a real challenge in itself. Managing to get ahold of all the aspects that are involved in farming and plotting can be achieved by closely monitoring all the variables.

Chia Plot Status, just as its name aptly suggests, was designed specifically in order to provide users with a tool that offers them the means to monitor and analyze the Chia plotting log files, in order to better determine the cryptocurrency mining status.

Some of the general aspects that can be covered using the application are the health and progress of the running plots, as well as the estimated time for completion, based on the already finished plots that carry a matching profile. When looking at things in more detail, users will be able to load multiple log file directories, and multiple plots per log are supported, together with exporting of readable and raw data to JSON, Yaml, or CSV.

Last but not least, the log folders that will be linked to the app can be local, network shared, as well as mounted from cloud storage apps.

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