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A virtual synthesizer that generates vintage sounds, comprising an integrated keyboard, MIDI learn support and a variety of presets you can use

What’s new in Prophet V3

  • New features:
  • Macro workflow improvement, indlucing a new look, Learn button & easier mapping format
  • MIDI workflow improvements, including Learn on/off and access to more detailed MIDI parameters
  • All tutorials in V Collection 8 instrument have now been updated in our new format

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Prophet V is a vector synthesizer that relies on Arturia‚Äôs true analog emulation technology to deliver outstanding sound quality. With a long history behind it and used by popular musicians worldwide, it can reproduce various instruments and sounds, which make it a valuable asset in anyone’s music production toolbox.

Standalone synthesizer and a VST / AAX plugin

The setup runs smoothly, but there is one thing worth remembering: you can choose whether Prophet V should be installed as a standalone application, a VST 2.4, VST 3 or AAX plugin, or all. In other words, Prophet V can also be integrated into other digital audio workstations (DAW) that comes with VST support.

To start using Prophet V, you should take the time to configure the initial audio and MIDI configuration (set the audio and MIDI devices, select output channels, the buffer size, and the sample rate).

Prophet V comes in two shapes and sizes, namely Prophet 5 (polyphonic synthesizer with a vintage look) and Prophet VS (a digital synth with a modern interface), each with its own controls. You can switch between them using the dedicated buttons in the upper right of the GUI. Alternatively, it is also possible to combine the two in the hybrid mode.

A virtual keyboard, oscillators, amplifiers, and other controls

Prophet V features a virtual keyboard that can play sounds even when a MIDI device is not connected. It comes with pitch and mod controls, a synth programmer, and an LFO module.

Sound can be tampered with using the two oscillators, or the built-in mixer. Volume controls, tuning options and an amplifier accompany this suite of tools, alongside a set of filters that can help musicians add that personal touch to their projects.

On the other hand, the digital synth comes with two LFO modules and four oscillators (each with its own wavetable), low pass filters, amplifiers, as well as modern controls for amp and filter envelopes, an integrated mixer, a modulation matrix, and various audio effects and filters.

Rich collection of presets you can experiment with

Not just the array of controls and tools is impressive about Prophet V. It also packs a generous assortment of filters and presets; and it seems almost impossible not to find what you are looking for within the list: from jazzy chords or ambient harmonic sounds to evolving presets or dissonant tones, you can include any in your musical projects.

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