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Test Java and Web applications, evaluate execution quality, find and correct errors using the integrated debugger, and create comprehensive reports

What’s new in QF-Test 5.3.2:

  • Bugs fixed:
  • Web Some websites containing custom HTML elements were not testable with CDP connection mode.
  • Web In CDP connection mode whitespace was missing from fetched text in some cases.
  • Web In CDP connection mode, the keyCode property of key events generated from text is now set correctly.

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Specifically designed for software developers and testers, QF-Test provides a robust automated testing tool suitable for Java and web-based applications. It enables users to manage test suites and nodes, handle procedures and components, view attributes and run interactive tests within a user-friendly GUI.

Easily create a test suite once you get acquainted with the app

Working with QF-Test is easy once you get accustomed to its functions, but at first it is advisable to at least take a look at the manual or go through the integrated tutorials. There are various examples that come bundled in the package, just to help you understand how things work. Furthermore, the QuickStart Wizard can help you each step of the way to having your app tested for errors and bugs.

Once you get familiar with using QF-Test, you can create a new test suite from scratch by defining test sets and cases, dependencies, data drivers, variables, control structures, procedures, as well as process, event, check and component nodes. Several test suites can be opened at the same time, in different tabs.

Run interactive tests and debug your app

QF-Test can analyze references and duplicates and try to find invalid characters or empty nodes. You can use it to record components, procedures and HTTP requests. The test results are included in the run-log, enabling you to carefully analyze each identified error. Thanks to the integrated debugger, you can easily set breakpoints, analyze variable binding, and identify execution errors and bugs.

For web-based apps, it features HMTL5 and AJAX toolkit support, allowing connections to other test management tools and integration with various web technologies. It can run tests for dynamic Web interfaces, performing data-driven testing, but allowing unit testing as well.

Its functionality can be extended using the Jython and Groovy scripting languages to create a custom option set to meet your particular needs and requirements.

An efficient testing tool for Java and web-based apps

With its advanced testing tools and built-in debugger, QF-Test comes in handy to developers who want to assess the quality of their web-based apps in a cross-browser environment, or that of a Java package, including WebStart apps, applets, archives, classes, Eclipse plugins, RCP and JavaFX applications.

Tests run by QF-Test require little maintenance and provide you with an overview of the software quality, efficiently identifying and fixing errors. With an extended documentation and advanced reporting capabilities, it is a viable option if you are looking for a reliable Java and Web testing application.

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