Download Mattermost Desktop 4.7.2

Make sure you can communicate with all the teams you are working with on various projects in real-time using this software solution

What’s new in Mattermost Desktop 4.7.2:

  • Upgraded to Electron v12.0.16.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Server screen appeared on each startup on servers with GPO.

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Even though effective communication is the cornerstone of a functional team, few managers are actually aware that this is one approach they can use to increase the company’s revenue, while creating a pleasant and appealing working environment employees enjoy coming in.

Mattermost Desktop is a communication application that enables you to communicate with the members of other teams directly from your desktop. The idea behind the app is to allow you to chat with other teams or colleagues in real time and from the same desktop application.

You can easily sign in your team by specifying your web address. However, before you can get to that step, first you need to create a Mattermost account and make sure that you have configured your server to allow incoming and outgoing messages. Afterwards, do not forget to enter your account to setup other details, such as notification preferences or a relevant profile picture.

You should know that you can get messages to the teams you are connecting to directly on your desktop. Moreover, you can edit, format, use emoticons and attach files without too much effort. While it may sound a bit too complicated to setup at first, Mattermost Desktop might be just the tool you need to make your team’s communication more productive.

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