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Make sure your eyes are not exposed to the damaging light of your screen while browsing the web at night by resorting to this Chrome extension that enables a dark mode

The continuous eyestrain we suffer is explainable, considering the hours we spend in front of the computer on a daily basis. All the more so when the light you are exposed to is often too bright and has that bluish tint to it.

Fortunately, there are hacks you could turn to, and one of them is Super Dark Mode for Chrome, a browser extension changing the theme to black for increased comfort at night.

Helps you enable a dark mode in Chrome

You should know right off the bat that the browser addon is easy to configure and that there is a limited number of settings you need to take a look at. Once installed, you should see the Chrome extension’s icon in the toolbar, and a mouse click should be enough to enable a dark mode in the browser.

By default, the extension brings a dark mode to all the websites you are visiting, but there are a series of modifications you can apply in this regard. To be more specific, there are various filters you could turn to so that you benefit from the software utility’s capabilities only on social media, when checking your email, or other specific webpages such as GitHub, Dropbox, Wikipedia, Instagram, Vimeo, and more.

Allows you to whitelist websites

Aside from that, it is worth pointing out that whitelisting websites is possible in case you don’t want them to be affected by the modifications you apply. You simply need to compile a list, and no dark mode would be displayed when visiting them.

On an ending note, Super Dark Mode for Chrome is a welcome browser addon designed to make surfing the Internet less damaging to your eyes, especially at nighttime, when the light of your screen is too bright. The extension allows you to enable a dark mode for all the websites you are visiting, and the fact that it lets you create an exclusion list comes as an added bonus you may want to take into account.

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