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A smart accounting application that can prove useful for companies that look to deal with their invoice activities in a simple and professional manner

The invoice is a document that a buyer receives after they placed an order for a product. Similar to a bill, an invoice can contain the name and contact details for both the buyer and the seller, the date the product was shipped and received, a short description of the product, payment info, list of prices, and more. If you need a program that can collect and analyze invoices, SuperAC might come in handy.

The accounting tool can also be used to determine commissions for you or your team. The commission percentages should be set by a performance indicator that focuses solely on earnings.

Also, SuperAC will require a browser to run, meaning that there isn’t going to be any tangible user interface. However, the program will still require installation, and an executable in the form of a CMD task will be generated. The icon’s only purpose is to open the default browser and a tab that would permit you access to the browser GUI. The login details for the first connection can be inside the same tab.

All in all, if you are part of a company that deals with billing and invoice activities, and are looking for an accounting app, SuperAC might worth a try.

Limitations in the unregistered version

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