Microsoft partners with popular platform to improve Xbox clip sharing

The Xbox platform, especially the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, tries to make it easy to capture footage of your favorite moments in gaming to share with other players, but it’s not always a great experience, as generally concurred by the Xbox community. Thankfully, Microsoft is partnering with, a popular platform for editing and sharing game clips, to, hopefully, improve Xbox sharing and give players access to more controls and functionality.

By connecting your Xbox account to the Medal platform, you can easily upload your top game clips from the best Xbox games to Medal. From there, you can take advantage of Medal’s cloud-based editing tools to make your clip as great as possible, and then either share it to the Medal platform or to your favorite social media. Medal even has desktop and mobile apps to help make things even easier.

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While integration with a third-party solution isn’t a straight replacement for improvement to Xbox’s core sharing features, this may still be an awesome development for players who love to share their latest gameplay escapades, especially if you’re already familiar with Medal.

Taking advantage of this partnership is as easy as connecting your Medal and Xbox accounts on the Medal website, recording Xbox game clips, and importing the game clips you want to Medal for editing, sharing, and more.

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