Guerrilla RF and X-Microwave Partner to Deliver Modular RF Designs

Guerrilla RF (GRF) announced it has entered into a collaboration with X-Microwave LLC to offer a series of new solutions dramatically cutting the development time associated with traditional component evaluation and signal chain prototyping. X-Microwave is a leading provider of RF and microwave modular blocks, and for the first phase of this joint effort, will feature 34 of GRF’s products as drop-in X-MWblocks®.

X-Microwave delivers a complete ecosystem of modular RF and microwave drop-in components, as well as a full suite of test and prototyping accessories. The initial offering of GRF-specific X-MWblocks will include RF low noise amplifiers, gain blocks, drivers, amplifiers with bypass, mixers and power detectors. More products will be added as they are released by GRF. Guerrilla RF’s utilization of a common product footprint will help accelerate this modular portfolio expansion.

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