What the iPhone 13 says about Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro

Apple frustrated most of us with mealy-mouthed comparisons and opaque speed benchmarks when it unveiled the iPhone 13 and its A15 Bionic chip. It seems the company could have made big claims, and the fact it didn’t may be a Mac story.

A spark in the dark

Think back to the announcement and you may recall Apple chose not to give us solid comparison data against the A14 Bionic chip, instead offering comparisons against a previous model of the device. So we had to try to guesstimate what the real performance improvements might be.

I have no idea why it chose to do so, given the strategic important of its processor designs. As is customary with an information gap of this kind, Apple’s critics quickly began sharing weird stories claiming the silicon design teams are suffering a brain drain.

Perhaps they are. Perhaps they aren’t.

But Apple has many engineers, so staff churn is to be expected. Misinformation grows in darkness, so it’s business as usual to my eyes.

What we’ve learned

Apple at launch called the A15 Bionic up to 50% faster than its competition. The four-core GPU in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini (five GPU cores on both Pro models) offers 40% (50% on Pro) better graphics performance, it said.

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