Download Assessment Disaggregation 1.4.2

A software solution for the evaluation of scientific teaching methods using pretest and posttest files, allowing for the identification of the students who actually learned the exams’ material

Assessment Disaggregation is an educational application intended to be used by educators and professors, for the accurate detection of the learning curve performed by a class of students, according to the results of their tests, their answers, and based on other optional parameters (such as the students’ list and the question assessment map).

This desktop application is only for Windows OS and macOS and has a pleasant interface. The program is built in Electron and, as a consequence, it is expected that it is compatible with 64-bit architectures only.

Also, regarding the type of knowledge assessments you can make using it, you should know that the application only targets specific types of content, provided by the following exam platforms — Akindi, Scantron, Canvas, ZipGrade, Moodle. Additionally, as specified by the developer, other CSV exam formats are available as well, including Google Form quizzes.

When uploading content in the dashboard of this application, you need to follow a certain flow of work. As such, the options and fields have self-explanatory names. For example, the ‘Pretest’ category targets the type of content that is to be given to students, and the ‘Postest’ category refers to the test with the answers given by the students.

Via pedagogical calculations and by performing matched question analyses on the given input, in time, you are able to see the percentage of students that have learned a given question. At a later overall analysis, you can include improvements and strategies to increase your teaching performance and shorten the learning curve for your pupils.

To make a deep dive into the functioning mechanism of this application, as well as the scientific method used for analyzing and matching data patterns, check Assessment Disaggregation’s extensive documentation.

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