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Turn your favorite websites into desktop applications and make sure your privacy is not at risk with the help of this approachable software utility

While depending on your browser of choice, your interaction with your favorite website could be quite resourceful, this could also come as a downside since might impact your productivity.

But what if you could access these web pages as if they were desktop applications, and no distractions whatsoever were there to tempt you? WebCatalog has an answer to this question since it can help you with this transition in the blink of an eye.

Allows web pages to transition to desktop apps

WebCatalog is all about ease of use. The program takes only a couple of seconds to install on your system and meets you with an uncomplicated user interface.

You actually need very little technical expertise in order to be able to create such a custom application as all you have to do is come up with a name along with a valid URL. Optionally, selecting a suitable icon is possible so that you can easily differentiate between your apps.

Once created, the applications are listed in the program’s main window, where you either open or uninstall them. Besides, desktop shortcuts are created so that you can access your web pages without depending on WebCatalog.

Keeps your apps updated without any privacy risks

In case you are wondering how WebCatalog keeps your applications up to date, it is worth mentioning that it depends on the browsers installed on your system for this specific purpose. That means you have access to the latest content without being exposed to any privacy risks whatsoever. That is because a sandbox container is used in order to open your so-called appified sites.

All things considered, WebCatalog is a handy program that proposes an untroublesome means of turning web pages into desktop applications that render trackers harmless. The tool could highly benefit any user out there, and its characteristic straightforwardness is once again worth mentioning.

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