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Create file system monitoring, filtering, control and encryption functions in your applications, with the help of this component

What’s new in EaseFilter File System Monitor Filter SDK

  • Added OnProcessPreTermination callback support.

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EaseFilter File System Monitor Filter SDK is a software development component that allows you to integrate file system monitoring functions in your applications.

It can help you generate tools and track any actions or changes in the file system in real time.

For instance, you can monitor the file activities at the file system level, open, create, overwrite, read, write or query certain files.

The tools can help you capture or set file information, query security data, plus rename, delete or browse for specific items on your system. Moreover, you can open or close file I/O requests.

EaseFilter File System Monitor Filter SDK is suitable for developing various types of applications, such as a continuous data protection program to log the file updates. You may set additional functions to write data with proper offset and length, in real time.

The component is also suitable for creating file audit functions, in order to intercept any file system calls, analyze and log their contents.

Moreover, you can also generate access logging programs that can determine when, who and which files were opened.

Additionally, the component can be used for logging file update information and control the input data, by location, type or size.

Your applications can gather the required data via the filter driver and the Windows API, then send the information to your computer for storage.

The tool allows you to create several types of filters, such as file system monitoring, control and encryption, as well as set individual rules for each session.

The filtering parameters also depend on your preferences or requirements: you can sort data by username, process ID, file object, time or other similar criteria.

EaseFilter File System Monitor Filter SDK is compatible with several development environments and with C++, C# or C# console programming languages.

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