Does space travel in the MCU make any sense?

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps expanding in all directions, we often forget that space and magic in the films took a while to truly get off the ground. Phase 1 opened many doors with Thor and The Avengers, yet the lid didn’t come off until Phase 2. James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy took fans to another galaxy, Andromeda, and made us question how Marvel’s take on space travel works.

Now we’re officially in the middle of Phase 4 – Multiverse is the new hot stuff, and heroes and villains have been bouncing around the universe like it’s nothing for years on the big screen (and now TV). While the Guardians films told us it’s all about wormholes of sorts, main Infinity Saga villain Thanos took an awful lot of time to get his armies to Earth. Was he just busy? Moreover, Captain Marvel doesn’t need ships at all because Tesseract magic. And we’re keeping Doctor Strange and the wizards out of this because they operate on a whole other level.

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