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Customize the fonts, themes, notifications, sizes, shapes and behavior of tweets using this simple and straightforward Twitter client

While the official Twitter application has received some updates and is no longer the stretched-out mobile version, it seems that it still does not use the extra space provided by modern computer displays. If this bothers you a lot, then perhaps it is time to consider a third-party Twitter client and ModernDeck is one alternative to consider.

All Twitter data is neatly displayed in columns

For starters, the interface looks and feels a lot better compared to the official Twitter app. The GUI is designed in several tabs that are organized by default as Home, #VDPAU and notifications in the Home section. Moreover, the interface is a dashboard with all links displayed in the left section for easy and quick access.

The highlight of the client stems from the numerous customization options available. To put it simply, you can personalize the sizes of the column and text, fonts, sizes and shapes of profile pictures and the overall theme. At the same time, you can customize the behavior of Tweets, meaning that you allow the app to stream in real time, automatically play GIFs or set alert sounds.

On a side note, if you used other third-parties clients before, then you will be happy to learn that you can import the settings directly and save some time with configuring the looks and feel of Twitter.

An alternative to the official Twitter client to account for

A noteworthy feature is the Mutes that can be quite useful nowadays when certain topics tend to overwhelm news feeds. In case you want to exclude words and phrases from showing up in the feed simply add it to the dedicated section in the Settings.

In the eventuality that you are using Twitter regularly and would like to have more customization and sorting options, then perhaps you can consider giving ModernDeck a try.

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