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Easily integrate powerful video editing functions in your applications, including cutting, merging, encoding or adding effects and transitions

VisioForge Video Edit SDK .Net is a tool designed to help programmers create video editing applications or integrate adjustment functions into software.

The tool allows you to create a movie based on several clips or to easily edit individual videos. It includes several libraries that facilitate the integration of video effects and transitions between tracks.

The tool allows you to work with a large series of file formats, both in standard or high definition, such as AVI, MPEG-½, WMV, 3GP, Quicktime, MOV, MPEG-4 or H264 (AVC).

Audio files are also supported and you can work with various types: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC. Other multimedia files can also be imported, granted you have the proper decoders.

The tool permits the integration of a large array of video editing functions, including overlaying images or animated GIFs, panning/zooming, rotating, controlling video transparency.

You may adjust imaging features, such as brightness or contrast, resize the videos, set the chroma-key and import additional third-party DirectShow filters.

With VisioForge Video Edit SDK .Net, you can integrate support for a large series of transition effects, denoise tasks, deinterlace and video encryption.

You may encode the output files using AES 128-bit or AES 256-bit algorithms, and a custom string or a v9 SDK key file/binary data file.

The tool can be used for generating motion detection or barcode reading functions, as well as to set the video display type.

Moreover, you can integrate network streaming features and choose the appropriate broadcasting mode: RTSP, RTMP, UDP, smooth streaming to Microsoft IIS or Windows Media Video.

VisioForge Video Edit SDK .Net also offers support for virtual camera streaming, using the proper hardware and you may also save the output video to a Decklink card. The program supports video conversion and allows you test or debug the result.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Subscription will give you the following benefits:
  • Unlimited usage
  • No annoying reminding message
  • Free minor and major upgrades
  • Priority support and fixes
  • You can use product without updates even if subscription is over

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