Smiths Interconnect Introduces High Frequency, Thin-Film Surface Mount Chip Attenuators

Smiths Interconnect Introduces High Frequency, Thin-Film Surface Mount Chip Attenuators712370

Smiths Interconnect, a provider of chip attenuators ranging from DC to Q-band, has developed the TSX Series of chip attenuators. This range of chip attenuators pushes the boundaries of Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) in a cost effective, easy to implement surface mount solution, suitable for a wide array of applications. The TSX series offers excellent broadband RF performance to 50 GHz while delivering increased power handling in a small surface mount format factor.

The TSX chip attenuators’ design offers 1 to 3 watts of power handling performance and multiple attenuation values available for surface mounting. The use of a robust, proven all thin film process technology on an alumina substrate provides a product suitable for harsh environments, such as those of Space and Defense applications. These attenuators can also be used in amplifier circuits, Transmit/Receive Modules, Up/Down Converters, Instrumentation, Satellite Communications, Radar and 5G.

Features & Benefits

  • Small form factor – Reduce overall footprint
  • Surface Mountable – Ideal for pick and place applications
  • Broad Frequency Range – Reduces BOM count
  • Low VSWR – Increases transmitted power
  • Wide Range of Attenuation Values – 1-10, 15 and 20 dB
  • Tight Attenuation Tolerance – For optimal performance

Click here to learn more about the TSX Series from Smiths Interconnect.

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