Best photo editing apps for astrophotography

The best photo editing apps can bring out hidden elements in your astro images, transforming them into real showstoppers. This isn’t cheating, just enhancing – remember, astrophotos are never going to be the same as what the photographer saw with their naked eye. How could they be? We see the night sky as a series of point light sources punctuated by the occasional Moon, while astrophotos show us the much fainter glows of nebulae and galaxies. Even the best telescopes and best binoculars can’t reveal all the subtle colors and patterns that are brought alive in these enhanced images.

Astrophotographers rely, therefore, on editing – especially since photography went digital. Whether they try to do as much in-camera as is possible, or lean more heavily on their editing software to extract the unseen beauty from their images, there’s always an element of editing involved. Take stacking, for example. The only way you can align and stack a large number of digital files to combine their captured light and reveal the deep-sky object you’re trying to image is through editing software. Tweaks to brightness, color, and contrast are editing too, as is a simple crop to more closely centre your intended target in the frame.

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