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Clear-cut application which enables you to easily monitor your network servers and switches, as well as all other network devices


What’s new in 10-Strike Network Monitor 6.9:

  • Added the Wi-Fi signal strength monitoring check. With its help, you can monitor Wi-Fi routers and access points.
  • Added the POST request authorization type to the Web/HTTP(S) check.
  • Added the redirect support in the web page content check.
  • We have moved the Dashboard to a separate tab at the Check List level. You can easily switch between widgets of various checks.

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Keeping a close eye on the connected devices is one of the main tasks of network administrators and having a reliable tool to carry out this task is a must, regardless of the network size. With 10-Strike Network Monitor, you can monitor devices and services over the network, get notifications on connection failures and collect relevant statistics, all with a single application.

Impressive number of supported monitoring check types 

Thanks to the user-friendly layout, working with 10-Strike Network Monitor should not pose any problem to anyone. Even so, the application provides a comprehensive Help and Q&A section where you can get answers to all your questions and learn how to start using it.

One of the perks of 10-Strike Network Monitor is its support for a plethora of monitoring check types, not only to verify the availability of devices, but also to assess servers’ statuses, evaluate device performance, monitor equipment and bandwidth usage, check printers, view logs and run queries, and the list is far from over.

Scan the network to collect data and create detailed reports 

Running a simple device availability test requires you to run a network scan first. As expected, 10-Strike Network Monitor comes with a built-in wizard that can help you detect hosts in the network and collect statistical information, step by step.

You start by specifying the IP address range or importing computers from the network neighborhood. Although faster, the latter method might not display all the hosts. There are various host detection methods you can choose from (ICMP, SNMP, TCP, ARP) and, with the touch of a button, the scan is initiated.

10-Strike Network Monitor displays details about each host in an organized manner, revealing their state, status, response time, taken actions, and so on. It is possible to perform batch actions, change monitoring parameters, group devices, and many more. Furthermore, 10-Strike Network Monitor features multiple notification options, which allows you to get notified in case of device failure or connectivity issues.

The reporting capabilities of 10-Strike Network Monitor are also worth mentioning. The application can generate diagrams and reports on various parameters, such as connection failures, the response time, downtime, polling statistics, etc, which can be saved locally in CSV format for later analysis.

More options available in the Pro edition 

Additional features and options are available in 10-Strike Network Monitor Pro. This edition can generate graphic network maps and perform distributed monitoring of remote networks. Furthermore, it can run S.M.A.R.T. analysis on storage devices, monitor the health of the CPU, use remote agents to initiate local checks, get location-independent control via a web interface, and more.

A robust network monitoring tool 

There is no doubt that 10-Strike Network Monitor is a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced network administrator. Not only that it can monitor the connection status of devices and servers, but it provides insightful information about the entire network.

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