Alien Streaming Guide: Where to watch the Alien movies online

The Alien franchise includes some of the best space horror movies and some of the best space movies in general. Many of the movies cover different genres with the original Alien more of a creepy thriller while Aliens is a more action-packed take on space horror. Alternatively, there’s the far more philosophical Prometheus and the misfiring Alien vs. Predator duo which seemed like such a good idea on paper. Okay, so not every single Alien movie is a hit, but they all (almost) offer some redeeming benefits. If you’re keen to learn more about the lore and the Alien universe timeline, you need to watch them all and ideally in order so you can see exactly how things evolve. 

Whatever your tastes, you’ll no doubt enjoy taking a look at how we’ve tallied up the Alien movies, ranked worst to best. Spoiler alert: Alien vs. Predator doesn’t fare well here. 

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