How Realistic is Ant-Man’s Science?

Premiering in 2015 with Paul Rudd as the titular shrinking superhero, Marvel’s Ant-Man brought some more of the science-driven powers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man’s abilities include shrinking down to once thought impossible sizes with the use of a specialized suit, commanding ant species, and being able to grow to giant sizes. The majority of these powers are centered around genius scientist Hank Pym’s “Pym Particle,” a fictional exotic group of subatomic particles that allows an object’s size and mass to be altered at will, bypassing the Square-Cube Law. How realistic can any of this actually be? 

As seen in this video by Vsauce3 with Paul Rudd and Jake Roper, being shrunken down to an absurdly small size presents tons of problems. First off, the density of your body (if maintained while shrinking) would be so great that it would simply collapse in on itself due to immense pressure. Obviously, this problem is overcome by the ability of the Pym Particle to maintain the structure of a body shrunken down to impossible sizes. 

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