Introducing Littlebend™ Ultra-Flexible RF Cable Series by HASCO, Inc.

HASCO, Inc. announced Littlebend™, their newest line high performance ultra-flexible RF cable assemblies designed for demanding microwave interconnect applications and system designs requiring dense packaging. These extremely flexible, triple shielded cables support a minimum bend radius of 0.20” (5 mm), and a high retention force of > 90 N eliminating the need for right-angle adapters. Littlebend™ ultra-flexible cable series are 100 percent tested for VSWR and Insertion loss and available in a variety of standard lengths. 

HASCO’s expanded line of ultra-flexible cable assemblies consists of over 100 unique configurations, constructed with highly durable materials, including stainless steel braid outer shield, FEP cable jacket and center and outer conductor fashioned with silver plated solid copper. Cable options now include 24 SMA configurations, all 100 percent continuity, Hi-Pot and RF tested to the printed specification prior to shipment. 

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