Light sensor affords UVA detection

Aimed at wearable and mobile devices, the TSL2585 ambient light sensor from ams Osram warns users of excessive exposure to dangerous ultraviolet A (UVA) rays. This single device not only provides ambient UV index estimation, but also ambient light sensing for display brightness management and auto-exposure and flicker detection for camera assistance. It comes in a 6-pin OLGA package that is just 2.0×1.0×0.35 mm, small enough for use in smart watches and narrow-bezel smart phones.

The TSL2585 incorporates interference filters that are precisely deposited on each photodiode pixel to create a 315-nm to 400-nm UVA channel, a human-eye response photopic channel, and an IR channel. These channels provide essential information for indoor and outdoor light identification, UV calculation, and ambient illuminance detection. What’s more, the high sensitivity of the photopic and IR channels enable accurate ambient light sensing behind low-transmissivity materials and OLED displays.

The TSL2585 features integrated light flicker detection with a configurable sampling rate of up to 14 kHz. It also performs on-chip data compression to reduce I2C bus traffic load. Operating from a supply voltage of 1.8 V, the sensor consumes only 0.7 µA when inactive.

To assist development, ams Osram offers an evaluation kit for the TSL2585 light sensor module. It provides everything needed for evaluation, including a main controller board with a PIC microcontroller, a TSL2585 module daughter card, plug-and-play drivers, and GUI software.

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