Download FOREX Buy/Sell Signals for MetaTrader 5 5.00 Build 3071

Keep an eye on the market prices and focus on small transactions with this application purposely designed for the trading style called “Scalping”

Scalping is one of the simplest and less risky methods of stock market transactions. Scalping represents the shortest-term style of trading, even shorter than day trading, and got its name because it attempts to skim many small profits off of a large number of trades throughout the trading day.
If you are interested in this type of transactions, FOREX Buy/Sell Signals for MetaTrader 5 can give you a helping hand.

Requires MetaTrader 5

As the name implies, this tool can be used only if MetaTrader 5 client is installed on your computer. It cannot be run as a standalone, and it will prompt you to download the MT5 client.

Pattern detection

FOREX Buy/Sell Signals for MetaTrader 5 Fully automated pattern recognition engine, designed for real-time scans, compares tick-by-tick data to pre-programmed algorithms of over 75 the most significant Japanese Candlestick Patterns. If a pattern is detected, JCPR generates, crucial to the investor, visual trading signal, ultimately predicting future market behavior. Build in, very complex filters and advanced, smart analyzers pass only most dependable signals.

Furthermore, you can use this tool on your smartphone, which grants it points for portability and accessibility, as scalping need swift reactions in order to complete those transactions.

Automated Trading Engine

In order to automatically make transactions, the app has to first detect patterns, and then after the order is submitted, you can sit back and relax while the program does all the job. Your profit is displayed in real time, so transparency is guaranteed.

Boost your wallet piece-by-piece

In conclusion, FOREX Buy/Sell Signals for MetaTrader 5 is an automated software that can process scalping transactions from your account. Recommended for all users that are into “scalping” as it offers portability and the possibility to focus on other activities while making money.

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