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Enhance your productivity to the maximum and get to know your working patterns with an application meant for tasks management, workflow organization, and time tracking

Nifty is probably one of the best project management tools out there. The program is super-sophisticated and extra-complex. It can cover a wide range of needs for different types of teams and projects, and has an impressively well-built and good-looking GUI.

The productivity enhancer with seamless organization techniques

Nifty is a tool with a multi-level approach to productivity. Thanks to the beautifully-designed, Kanban-style, large dashboards, everyone can get access to their own panels meant to offer clarity for all tasks and processes, show in great detail each stage of the funnel they’re at, and provide a self-prioritizing, contextualized system for effective deadlines handling.

The ‘My Work’ section is a life-saver for those who are in great need of clarity and accurate, organized lists of all their tasks and assignments. Here, you can see, sorted by deadline, what your priorities are. Moreover, all schedules are fully customizable, based on your workload accommodation. Finally, all the data about each task’s administration and outcome, including the task’s/project’s logs are gathered in detailed, downloadable, broken down reports.

Reporting done with milestones’ visual representation

Reporting just got a whole lot easier. Thanks to the tool’s extensive timelines (with comprehensive representations), the entire team can now see how their actions, initiatives, normal working paces, or ups and downs affected the overall goal and the pre-determined KPIs. Everything is represented on its corresponding timeline.

Next, Nifty’s internal mechanism starts taking things to the next level for you. Not only does it show you your performance results and stats, but it also displays — in a swimlane view — a comparative analysis between your project’s goals and objectives intersected with the previously indicated milestones. Finally, in the Master Overview mode, you can get an overview of all projects and/or portfolios associated with your project/account.


To summarize, Nifty is an excellent program for teams that wish to achieve great performance, excellent communication, strongly-built systems, powerful and super-effective automated funnels, and overall growth. Nifty works seamlessly and looks amazingly. Using this tool, you will easily give up many other additional programs you are currently working with. Nifty is the organization tool that has all you need and something extra.

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