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This specialized Monte Carlo simulation software makes quantitative risk analysis a more intuitive process, thanks to a strong collection of statistics tools

Risk assessment in the framework of spreadsheet analysis is most commonly deployed these days using the “Monte Carlo” method, which has become a staple in terms of risk study. Addressing risk science in Excel environments from that perspective, XLRISK comes prepared with a series of purpose-fit tools for creating risk models much easier. Thanks to features that allow custom-tuned simulations and plotting, it aims at offering a complete package for risk assessment.

Seamless ribbon integration, well-designed features, and accessible tools for quick and effective workflows

The add-on will integrate well within the Excel environment, being ready to use in just a few clicks. At a glance, it is obvious that the developers have spent quite some time “tinkering” the interface, as the final, resulting design of the features is almost “native” to Excel.

All the tools feature nice, legible buttons, with handy drop-down menus and an overall focus on accessibility, regardless if you’re a novice or a full-blooded Excel aficionado. Speaking of novices, the add-on comes packed with some demo data, which is ideal if you’re just getting the hang of things in terms of Monte Carlo risk simulations.

Ample plotting and correlation library, aggregation, and time-series, coupled with powerful simulation tools

In terms of the actual features, the add-on offers a myriad of functions, whose scope, we consider to be wide enough for most Monte Carlo technique applications. Ranging from distribution plotting, correlations to aggregations and time series or the simulations themselves, it’s hard to name a “missing” feature.

The simulations and the results feature separate modules, which, as with the other tools, come with a generous amount of customization options, ensuring that users manage to tune things to their liking.

Solid risk statistics add-on for Excel, which comes with a comprehensive package for managing Monte Carlo simulations and models

If you’re serious about your risk assessment and Monte Carlo simulations, XLRISK can make things far easier, in terms of data management, plotting, simulations, and results management.

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