Early Black Friday deals make Google’s Nest Audio, Hub, and Hub Max cheaper than ever

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Early Black Friday deals make Google's Nest Audio, Hub, and Hub Max cheaper than ever

With all due respect for Apple and its pretty inspired sophomore smart speaker effort, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if most people looking to build, improve, or upgrade their smart home this holiday season were interested in products from one of two other companies.

We’re talking about Amazon and Google, and while the former is currently selling a few of its Echo-branded devices at special prices to celebrate Alexa’s seventh birthday, the latter’s entire Nest lineup seems to be available at “Black Friday prices” at Best Buy.

Technically, the retailer has obviously not kicked off its actual Black Friday 2021 sale yet, but if the Nest Audio, second-gen Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, or second-gen Nest Mini get any deeper discounts “on or before” November 26, you are guaranteed to receive the difference.

That means you can beat the rush and snap up the late 2020-released Nest Audio smart speaker at a lower than ever price of $59.99, for instance, which is down from an already fairly reasonable $99.99 MSRP. 

That’s on par with how much Amazon’s latest “standard” Echo costs right now, mind you, and while the two products certainly don’t look similar on the outside, their features and capabilities are more or less the same.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether you prefer Alexa or Google Assistant to help you organize your day, play your favorite tunes, and control all your other smart home accessories. 

If you choose to go the latter route and decide a touchscreen would also come in handy, you can spend a crazy low $49.99 for this year’s second-gen Nest Hub or $179.99 for 2019’s Nest Hub Max, both devices being marked down by a cool $50.

The cheapest Echo Show, in case you’re wondering, comes with a way smaller display than the Nest Hub, while the third-gen 10-inch model rivaling the Nest Hub Max is a lot costlier… for the time being.

Last but not necessarily least, the diminutive 2019-released Nest Mini currently sets you back $24.99 instead of $49.99, thus matching the reduced price of Amazon’s third-gen Echo Dot while undercutting the fourth-gen variant.

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