Best camera backpacks for camera gear in 2021

Buying one of the best camera backpacks can make a huge difference to how you store and carry your equipment. When designed well, these bags take the strain off hauling around a large amount of kit, and with the right support can help prevent injury. Many options are also a neat-freak’s dream, with excellent organization and compartments to help sort your gadgets. More importantly, they also offer some protection to your best cameras when you’re traveling, keeping them safe from the elements.

When you’re trying to find the best camera backpack for yourself, consider what kind of photography you’ll likely be doing. If it’s street photography, or more urban based photography, you’ll want a smaller bag, perhaps with multiple entry points. For travel, look at the durability of the backpack or bag, and whether it has any additional luggage. If you’re out taking photos of the night sky, you’ll probably be somewhere in the wild, so a larger bag that’s set up for travel may be more appropriate. Additionally, if you happen to own a range of the best lenses for astrophotography, you may need a bag with a larger capacity and multiple lens storage options.

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