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Clean voice recordings and other types of audio tracks by removing humming, doppler, crickets, ticks, and more, thanks to this tool

If your job implies processing voice recordings to get rid of annoying effects in the background, then you should definitely take a look at Absentia DX.

Designed as a user-friendly application, it comes bundled with the necessary tools for eliminating humming, doppler, crickets, ticks and other kinds of effects. These operations can be carried out on multiple audio tracks at once. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time going through one recording at a time.

Remove background effects from voice recordings

The interface consists of a simple window, where you can get started by specifying the source folder (the one with all the audio tracks you wish to edit), the destination for the new post-processing files, along with a prefix and suffix if you want to establish a file naming pattern.

The new tracks are automatically saved as WAV files. In the next phase, you can explore the list of effects and choose the ones you want to eliminate from the sound recordings. In addition to removing humming, doppler, crickets and ticks, you can instruct Absentia DX to reduce broadband and split interleaved into mono. A frequency range can be set too, while metadata can be preserved or deleted.

Post-processing PC shutdown and history of tasks

As soon as processing starts, you can check out another window with the queue of tracks. If there are numerous files and you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, you can schedule the PC to automatically shut down as soon as all jobs are done.

Final task properties reveal the date and time, status for each effect, frequency range, together with the original and new filename and path. All this info is tracked to history, so you can recall it at a later time (particularly useful when returning to the PC after leaving it unattended for a long time).

Simple-to-use audio cleaner

All aspects considered, Absentia DX delivers a straightforward solution and intuitive features for helping you clean voice recordings by eliminating background noise. It carried out tasks swiftly in our tests on the latest Windows edition while using minimal system resources. Too bad that it doesn’t have support for more effects, but perhaps this can be resolved in future updates.

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